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Via Industriale, 71, 25085 Castrezzone BS, Italy

Geopietra® is a company that boasts specialized expertise and decades of experience in the field of reconstructed stone.

Geopietra®: passion, innovation, experience

Based in Castrezzone, in the province of Brescia, Geopietra® can claim to have stone in its blood. The area where the company originates, located between Lake Garda and the western Alps, is indeed the birthplace and processing site of the precious Botticino marble, which can be found in monuments around the world, such as the Vittoriano in Rome.

In this place of long-standing stone tradition, the company that would become Geopietra® took its first steps in 1983. The first ten years saw the company work with passion and dedication in the field of thermal insulation and dry finishes, gaining experience on construction sites and refining its technical knowledge.

In 1993, the accumulated expertise led to the birth of Abita.

The purpose of Abita is the development of an innovative cladding material as an alternative to natural stone, capable of solving construction, design, and environmental impact issues.

A wonderful material in its imperfection, omnipresent in Italian vernacular architecture, natural stone, however, requires the excavation of large portions of land and ecosystem degradation for its extraction.

The effort to offer a material that captures the natural beauty of stone and eliminates environmental impact led, in 1996, to the birth of the Geopietra brand®.

Geopietra®: an innovative product

With Geopietra® comes an innovative, durable, ecological product.

Geopietra reconstructed stone® is obtained by mixing natural Pumice, Portland cement, and natural pigments.

The endless varieties of models and colors - and the ability to reproduce the appearance of any geological type - have ensured the success of Geopietra in both interior and exterior applications.

Starting in 2010, the range of products and services offered expanded with Abitasistema®, a patented system for installing reconstructed stone on external thermal insulation.

Two years later, investments in research and development led to the creation of murogeopietra®, an integrated system of materials and installation for unique masonry on any substrate, reinforced concrete, wood, plasterboard, ventilated walls, or thermal insulation for both exterior and interior applications.

The innovation finally guarantees architects and engineers the full freedom to combine structural use with the beauty of natural stone visible.

In 2013, from the collaboration with Fassa S.r.l., Mastrosistema® was born, another important system for dry construction aiming to apply new technologies to improve living comfort in absolute respect for nature and the environment.

In 2019, the innovative GeoFit flakes were introduced, Geopietra reproduces the smallest stone flakes used in traditional masonry to stabilize larger blocks. GeoFit and murogeopietra® then converge into the new integrated Plus installation system, which even better simulates the appearance of traditional masonry, both dry-laid and with joints.

Recognition and certifications received by Geopietra®

Geopietra® and its products gained an important recognition in the international construction industry.

In 2016 the Murogeopietra® system successfully passed all the tests about materials and
installation procedures required by Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB), a global point of reference regarding building safety.

Thanks to CCFAT - Commission Chargée de Formuler des Avis Techniques - the Murogeopietra®system obtained the Technical Assessment (Avis Technique) and the Technical ApplicationDocument (TDA) regarding its suitability for use with innovative construction methods.

In 2018 the Murogeopietra® system on Fassa Bortolo EPS passed in France the Lepir II Test too, regarding the spread of fire outside façades for regulated buildings (residential buildings, public buildings and skyscrapers).

After the good result of the tests, it can be stated that the Murogeopietra® procedure on EPS meets criteria regarding the flame front retardancy beyond the next floor level and it’s authorised to clad public buildings in category R+4 up to a height of 2,000 meters with installation with joints.

Moreover, Mastrosistema® was the first European system to receive by the CSTB the Eurocode 8 certificate regarding the anti-seismic test.

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