25 November 2020 | 17.00 - 19.00
Stone walls reconstructed as part of the architectural project: combining safety, performance and aesthetics

Analysis and characteristics of reconstructed stone masonry systems with performance, maintenance and application studies. The focus of the seminar will start from the elements that can characterize the architectural project, up to the construction details, to the procedures for a correct application, up to the controls of the D.L.. The valuable case histories for the various architectural typologies will be presented in order to better understand the theme of the seminar


  1. Introduction 
  2. Stone cladding and walls 
  3. The reconstructed stone 
  4. Typologies and finishes
  5. Applications and installation phases
  6. Construction details 
  7. Certifications 
  8. Renovations and new constructions 
  9. Characteristics and specifications 
  10. Case studies and references 
  11. Conclusions

Speaker: Francesco Claudio Dolce
Technical partner: Geopietra
Moderator: R. Fabio Sciacca

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Francesco Claudio Dolce

Francesco Claudio Dolce

Milano, Italia

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Francesco Claudio Dolce

Francesco Claudio Dolce

Milano, Italia