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Via Autostrada, 32, 24126 Bergamo BG, Italia

Sonnen is one of the world's largest manufacturers of smart batteries (energy storage systems) and is also a provider of innovative energy services. In addition to its headquarters in Germany, Sonnen has several international offices in Italy, Great Britain, the United States and Australia.

The vision from which the company is born is the goal of a world where everyone can meet their energy needs through a clean and decentralized energy source, where everyone will be able to connect to share energy when and where they will need it, eliminating man's dependence on fossil energy. The technology currently available already allows the interconnection of thousands of people, who produce energy from renewable sources every day, allowing them to share the excess energy produced in the community. What started as a dream, has become a solid reality, Sonnen today is one of the largest manufacturers of intelligent storage systems in the world.

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SOLD OUT Sonnen intelligent storage systems for photovoltaic systems
25 Sep 2019 | 17.00 - 19.00

High energy efficiency systems (Photovoltaic and "intelligent" storage systems)

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