Pontarolo Engineering
Pontarolo Engineering

Pontarolo Engineering

Via Clauzetto, 20, 33078 San Vito al Tagliamento PN, Italia

Pontarolo Engineering S.p.A. is an Italian company leader in the construction sector, known for the invention and development of innovative systems for the building industry. With two production sites in northern Italy, it specializes in systems for ventilated crawl spaces and ICF construction systems.

Its focus on the environment translates into the production of insulating materials in EPS and elements made from recycled plastic. Thanks to its constant innovation, the company has also launched the renowned ONEK brand, known for modular outdoor flooring throughout Europe.

The company's mission is to create innovative solutions for the construction industry oriented towards the future and to offer sustainable technologies for building resilient cities to climate change, contributing to a better future.

The company is committed to providing not only products but integrated solutions based on technical knowledge and field experience, involving all stakeholders in the technologies.

Several patents and awards, both nationally and internationally, attest to the significant corporate investment in research and development, distinguishing itself as an innovative SME in the construction sector.

Pontarolo Engineering S.p.A. is committed to adopting higher ethical standards, with particular attention to environmental respect: by using durable and fully recyclable materials, it minimizes environmental impact.