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FritsJurgens’ heritage
FritsJurgens was founded to create pivot door solutions that would make the realization of every type of pivot door possible – from big to small, from experimental to made for daily use.

From personal experience, the founders of FritsJurgens knew that many creatives and makers struggle with the same issues. Great door ideas are often crushed by extensive standardization. The first designs of FritsJurgens’ pivot door solutions were revolutionary: the hinges were incorporated inside the door instead of in the floor, avoiding the hassle of floor pots, and massively increasing weight capacity and door movement.

A new solution
There were no door hinges on the market that could make designs come to life without giving up on either quality, aesthetics, or the design itself. FritsJurgens developed a hinge that solved the core issues that the market was dealing with, without compromises:


  • No more floor pots but a hinge concealed inside the door

  • Quality and strength to carry even the largest doors

  • Only a small floor- and ceiling plate visible to let the design of the door speak

  • Easy to install in existing and new situations, even with radial floor heating

  • Suitable for almost every possible door material


Every design possibility
A pivot door can be made out of almost every type of material. The wide range of FritsJurgens hinges ensures that everything is possible from 20 kg up to 500 kg. FritsJurgens has seen doors made out of massive slabs of marble, and regular sized doors hidden inside the walls of modern family homes.

The key to every door: movement
But the one thing that, to us, makes a pivot door truly unique is its movement. The vertical axis on which the door turns creates a movement that is so different from that of a regular hinged door. Once the idea of the concealed hinge was there, the focus was on door movement. From the beginning, FritsJurgens has worked on perfecting every part of the motion, from the second the door is opened to the very last closing movement, searching for technical perfection


Seminar archive

FritsJurgens pivot panels and doors
04 Dec 2019 | 16.00 - 18.00

The Project of Flexible Spaces. From Residential to Retail and Hotels (3rd edition)

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