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SS 28 del Colle di Nava 26, 12060, Magliano Alpi ( CN)

FerreroLegno, a Made in Italy company specialized in the production of interior opening and closing systems for over 70 years.

The design of its products is a constantly evolving journey, open to influences, trends, and current inspirations.

FerreroLegno's aspiration is to give uniqueness to every environment, a mission that translates concretely into infinite combinations and customizations in terms of materials - wood, laminate, and glass - finishes, and sizes. This results in aesthetically coherent and functional solutions, characterized by strong coordination and design freedom.

The company also stands out for a pronounced "Green Attitude", a focus on sustainability that starts from the choice of materials and finishes and extends to virtuous production processes, as well as great respect for health and safety in the workplace.

With its long tradition and innovative approach, FerreroLegno continues to distinguish itself as a reference point in the industry, offering high-quality products.