Via Po, 12 64018 Salino TE Italia

The Faraone was founded in 1969 by the current President Sabatino Faraone. Today, the company is led by CEO Flavio Faraone. One of the first in Italy to embrace the innovative technology of point-fixed glass fixing, Faraone has grown year after year, successfully identifying the trends and needs of contemporary architecture to best focus its range of design products. After over 50 years, the company continues to innovate the world of Transparent Architecture in Italy and abroad with glass balustrades, canopies, facades, doors, and glass partitions. Thanks to its ability to intercept and meet market needs, it positions itself as a reference point for trendy and safe glass projects. In particular, in the glass balustrade sector, it has installed over 1,100,000 meters since 2009. The company's research and innovation are continued through recurring training courses for personnel, partners, and designers throughout Italy, with the aim of contributing to a synergistic growth for the benefit of the end customer. Among the significant contributions to the industry and designers, the company has authored important documents for professionals, including "The Glass Balustrade Manual," "The Guide to Glass Balustrade Design," "Transparent Architecture," and "Manual: Balustrades for Sports Stadiums." Specialized technical consultancy, qualified installation, and carefully tested products are fundamental pillars that characterize Faraone as a company that offers a unique package of perceived quality. Faraone is a brand that not only creates but also contributes to shaping modern architecture, aiming towards a future that is increasingly transparent and fascinating for all those who appreciate design excellence. [Online events by Faraone](https://www.elearningonweb.com/it/-/e/faraone/faraone-azienda)