08 October 2020 | 14.00 - 16.00
Benefits and characteristics of mineral wool insulation. (The acoustic comfort design)

Energy and performance balance of buildings on three fundamental macro-themes: thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and air quality. Solutions, characteristics and design choices with reference to new generation buildings: from the new to the renovation of the existing one. Focus on mineral wool systems with analysis of reference standards, application types for the various parts of the building, performance and characteristics. Reference case histories will be presented


  1. Thermal insulation and energy efficiency: introduction
  2. Thermal insulation and energy efficiency: general concepts and regulatory references
  3. Sound insulation: regulatory references (DPCM 05/12/97 and UNI 11367)
  4. Fire safety: general concepts and regulatory references
  5. Fire safety facades
  6. Indoor Air Quality
  7. Applications&Solutions: external envelope insulation (ETICS and ventilated facades)
  8. Applications&Solutions: insulation of the envelope from the inside
  9. Applications&Solutions: roof insulation

Speaker: Francesco Cavicchioli
Technical partner: Knaufinsulation
Moderator: Mara Pasquini

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