City lighting
City lighting
04 June 2018 | 15.00 - 17.00
Smart City. The new 4.0 Cities

Public lighting and Urban redevelopment. Design and management of light in smart cities (smart cities). Optimization of public services thanks to innovative systems and technologies. Project, legislation and analysis for the "intelligent" management of electricity in respect of the environment and energy efficiency, with the aim of improving the quality of life and meeting the needs of users in the cities

Cod. 2018.115 - CNA009072018174454T03CFP00200 | Smart City. The new 4.0 Cities

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Ing. Andrea Cavagnini | It carries out analysis of research and development activities (tax credit) and verification of the characteristics of the purchased goods and related interconnection, in order to develop a dossier certifying the characteristics of compliance with regulatory obligations.
Ing. Roberto Mondini | Registered in the register of engineers in the province of Brescia from 16 March 2005 to number 4344
Dott. Paolo Del Pasqua | Expert in financial and administrative issues, degree in economics and trade with post-graduate degree in securities markets. In the past he has held positions as municipal secretary of local authorities of the C and B categories, general manager of local authorities and director of public companies. Project finance expert with a predominant focus on the Energy and Infrastructures sector as well as Energy Manager for Local Bodies and Health and Hospital Foundations.
Dott. Matteo Gozzini | Expert / Jurisconsult expert in video surveillance and privacy systems. For years he has been combining skills in the technical installation part and the legal support for the numerous local authorities he has followed as a technical sales consultant. Indispensable for the customer is to have a 360 ° consultation so as not to miss any aspect that could create a flaw in the entire system. The figure of the DPO is today indispensable for each local authority that must "outsource everything" to a reality that has within it IT and legal skills.
Theme: Smart City
Moderator: Arch. R. Fabio Sciacca