09 November 2020 | 17.00 - 19.00
Passive solar shading in the architectural and energy renovation of buildings

Renovation of buildings and passive solar shading applied on translucent and opaque transparent surfaces through films and paints. Technological aspects, performance requirements, case studies to guide the professional on correct design choices whose aim is the creation of environments with high living comfort in winter and summer conditions


  1. The solar shading of existing glazings
  2. Perimeter glazing and winter and summer energy performance of buildings: paradoxes and precision.
  3. DPR 59-09 Regulations on the summer performance of buildings.
  4. Different types of solar shading: advantages and defects 
  5. High efficiency and long lasting sunscreen films
  6. The new boundary is neutral/transparent metal-free reflective films (metal-free)
  7. Practical case: relationship between regulation, energy saving and environmental impact.
  8. The new insulating films - low emissivity for winter
  9. New boundaries 
  10. Solar shading of translucent surfaces  
  11. Long-life reflective systems for plastic skylights
  12. Solar shading of opaque surfaces  
  13. Cool roof thermo-reflective and long-lasting waterproofing systems on roofs
  14. Reflectance and emittance 
  15. Reduction of the heat island on the roof and increase in the energy efficiency of the heat pumps in the summer.
  16. Practical case: analysis of energy saving and environmental impact.

Speaker: Claudio Marsilli
Technical partner: Serisolar
Moderator: R. Fabio Sciacca

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